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If world is a book, we’re the modern-age kindle for you to relish each and every page! Let us explain how.

Whether you want to travel with your family or a bunch of old-school friends; no matter you are an individual in quest of a serene vacation, or a corporate on a look out for a formal outing for team building and social interaction among colleagues, nobody understands your travel needs the way we do. And what makes us so confident about our job is our years long experience and the rewards we get back from our won over clients in terms of miles long smiles.

If your home is your first place, your workplace is definitely another home to you where you spend hours! But how often do you wonder about having a third place that comforts you, soothes down all your worries and modern day stresses and boosts you up for yet another round of a busy and hectic cosmopolitan lifestyle? Well, if you do, you’re really blessed to have a third place of your own, where you relax, and get charged all over again to face the world! Well, that’s the real beauty of Third Place.

We’re all geared up to welcome families, honeymoon couples, special interest groups, corporate teams and whoever has the love for travel and nature. Be it accommodation, meals, sightseeing or activities; we have a wide palette of services to ensure you a one-stop shop for all your travel needs.

Well, if you think that’s all we have in store for you, you’re probably mistaken here. Apart from Holiday Packages and Hotel Bookings, we also offer hassle free Ticketing, Visa Assistance, Forex and Travel Insurance. Besides this, we fetch you Car Rentals, Return Airport transfers, Guided tours, and what not!